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Content Marketing Trends 2022

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Content marketing is ever-evolving making it a rather like holding onto a wet fish!

However it also means that there are plenty of opportunities if you know where to find a net.

Here are 5 content marketing trends 'that will have a significant impact this year' - read original piece from The Drum

1) Personalisation

Today’s consumers are dealing with a lot of noise and multiple messages. Through personalising the space you can 'forge solid connection with your target market'. 

"Personalised marketing is one of the most important content marketing trends for 2022, as it is one way to forge a solid connection with your target market. In fact, according to Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides a personalized experience." 


  • delves into one’s individual preferences, needs and desires.
  • is data-driven, utilizing consumer data, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to create bespoke client interactions.
  • digital marketers can consider their buyer’s characteristics and cater for everything from content and design to product recommendations.

However, it's still important to remain balanced and ensure that your brand is strong, regardless of personalised deals and messaging.

"If a business has to rely on deals and promos rather than memory and positive associations then it is not a strong brand, as there is no preference beyond price."

“Marketers’ enthusiasm for personalisation at scale may be needlessly adding complexity while reducing effectiveness because of a lack of attention to marketing fundamentals."

(Samuel Brealey)

2) The Metaverse

Our sister company Hannington Tame recently shared an article about what's happening in the Metaverse, sharing stats from  GWI’s March 2022 Zeitgeist study. It made for an interesting read.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is 'a shared virtual space where avatars represent users' and where the aim is to 'create digital experiences that parallel real-world experiences or what your brand already does in real life'.

  • has increased steadily.
  • is a content marketing trend that has more than doubled since 2017.
  • an estimated 85 million people used augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) in 2021(Forbes).
  • digital marketers must understand the nuances of the metaverse and utilize it to its full potential.
  • millennials and gen Z are avid users of metaverses, including games such as Roblox and technologies such as VR. 

"...two of its [Metaverse] underlying technologies, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), serve as valuable tools for skills development ... In the coming years, immersive workplaces will transform the way we work, lead, and collaborate—you could, for instance, send your avatar to a virtual meeting instead of attending it yourself."


3) Sustainability

Sustainability is the future to the younger generations. In fact, 'to millennials, gen Z and alphas, the environment is not just a cause; it is their future' and they will reject a brand if they 'waste carelessly'. 

"63% of consumers prefer to shop from purpose-driven brands and will reject brands that don’t show genuine commitment to the environment." (Accenture)

  • buying secondhand to reduce fashion's carbon emissions.
  • re-commerce - e.g Apple's buy-back scheme, My Wardrobe clothing rental and StockX preloved auction.
  • metaverse - enables brand growth without growth in consumption

4) Localisation

An emerging trend when it comes to content marketing is looking at how your 'luxury brand can offer localized and unique experiences'.

'An effective localization strategy will enhance customer experience and allow you to communicate your message to global audiences while maintaining your brand identity.'

There are several ways you can improve your content strategy; 

  • create a highly memorable brand identity, modifying your marketing collateral’s visuals, design and color to appeal to the target audience’s preferences or local customs. 
  • marketing via communication channels popular in that market is also essential, as is optimizing your website and communication channels for local users and search engines.

5) Inclusivity

'Prioritizing inclusivity is of utmost importance in 2022, with millennials more likely to choose brands that show diversity in their advertising. Inclusive content should focus on serving and resonating with people of varying characteristics.'

To do this, brands must; 

  • choose their words carefully.
  • be aware of how pronouns, pop culture references and idioms may impact readers.
  • involve carefully-selected images in marketing campaigns so customers identify with brands when they see people like themselves reflected in its marketing.

“Marketers’ enthusiasm for personalisation at scale may be needlessly adding complexity while reducing effectiveness because of a lack of attention to marketing fundamentals."

(Samuel Brealey)

What does a Content marketer do?

Are you a wordsmith?

Do you love putting pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) and creating new and engaging copy?

If so, content marketing could be for you.  

Content marketing is now at the heart of digital marketing and ecommerce, with jobs working on anything from social content down to product management on ecommerce websites. 

If you've got fantastic writing skills (and an analytical brain to match) you could be looking at a fantastic career in content generation; and if you also have skills in video editing, image creation and website management, then it seems a no brainer!

Read through our blog on what a content marketer does for more information.

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