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What does a CRO Manager do?

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Managers (sometimes known as CRO Specialists) focus on optimising websites, user flows and content to drive conversions. This could mean a sale, signing up to a newsletter, or securing a lead.

What are the responsibilities of a CRO Manager?

  • Measuring and auditing the ROI & effectiveness of content 
  • Influencing content creation to ensure high ROI
  • Utilising data to optimise content 

What skills does a CRO Manager require?

  • Experience auditing and creating content across digital channels
  • Understanding of A/B testing
  • Expertise in online content platforms
  • Data analysis - ability to measure impact of content

What can a CRO Manager earn?

  • Circa £25,000 - £80,000+ (dependent on experience, level, company & brand) 

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