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10 Benefits of Partnering with an Ecommerce Recruiter

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"You'll never regret the time, money and energy you save by hiring a great recruiter"

Patrick Tame, CEO

It is all too easy to be fixated on ecommerce recruitment agency fees but it is not so black and white. Recruiting, and ecommerce recruiting in particular, is an expensive business and costs time & money ... as does a poor hire. We truly believe that an organisation can only benefit from partnering with a quality & trusted recruiter, especially when hiring specialist or niche roles e.g. digital marketing & ecommerce. It's a simple value equation...

Value equation

  1. Access to (the very best) Talent - a superior specialist ecommerce recruitment agency will know the talent pool extremely well - who they are, where they're based and their skillset. They will also have a very clear idea who is active (on the market and already engaged) and who is passive (not actively looking but should be headhunted), meaning you’re already ahead of the curve when it comes to potential applications!

  2. Niche / Specialist Knowledge - mastery in a particular sector (e.g. digital marketing), level (e.g. head of e-commerce) or job role (e.g PPC, SEO, content, ecommerce trading, marketplace) means the best qualified candidates can be shortlisted quickly - whilst unsuitable applications are rejected early on. Quality not quantity wins the day! 

  3. Hire Faster -  you can significantly reduce the time and energy spent on ecommerce recruitment in-house with faster turnaround in process and minimising any bottlenecks (e.g. interview planning).  Your consultant will get to know your business, culture and overall personnel requirements prior to search, ensuring only the right type of candidates are in process from the start.  This increases your organisational efficiencies, getting the business back to its full bandwidth, and gets the position filled more quickly.

  4. Additional Services - a good ecommerce recruiter will be able to offer value-add ecommerce recruitment services such as writing/re-writing job specs, posting role/s on multiple boards, filtering & screening CVs, shortlisting, interviewing, negotiating offers and best of all - dealing with the majority of comms & admin. What’s not to love!

  5. Expertise - specialist ecommerce recruitment consultants will source talent with the right skillset for the role (& identify up and coming talent), allowing the in-house team to focus on longer term recruitment strategy (vs trying to understand the technicalities and intracacies of niche roles). They can also help an in-house team understand objectives, current work-flow and skills gaps prior to hiring. Right person, right role! 

  6. Access to Job Boards - ecommerce recruitment agencies know how to write a great job spec to attract the best talent and will have access to multiple job boards. Trying to do this yourself can be costly and time consuming.  Thumbs down!

  7. Shortlisting - the best ecommerce recruiters will provide you with a shortlist of only the best and most suitable candidates - tell your agent what you need and let them sort the 'wheat from the chaff'.  Let’s face it, you have better things to do with your time than trudging through piles of CVs.

  8. Salary Benchmarking - if you’re unclear on salary expectations for a particular role, your agency partner will be able to help you.  They have their finger on the pulse, will know what a role is worth and the best salary to offer.  This knowledge is invaluable and can make the difference between success and failure. Mini Salary Survey 2019

  9. Negotiation - negotiating the final package can be time consuming (and sometimes highly sensitive).  Allow your recruiter to do this for you - not only will it save you time and energy but you'll also make sure that your candidates maintain a positive view of your company throughout the process.

  10. Supply & Demand - an ecommerce recruitment agency can help you convert a candidate.  When there are skill shortages (such as in the digital market) you want to ensure you employ on the best and that your competition doesn't get there first.  Let your agent be the facilitator!  Or, if you need a temp, contractor or even seasonal help, bringing in an expert consultant will give you more flexibility to plan in advance - as well as give you the confidence a role can be filled successfully as the need arises (especially in those tricky technical roles).  


1) STOP spinning all those plates

2) INVEST in a great recruiter

3) START saving time, money & reaping the benefits

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Originally published - Jan 2020

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