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2019 (mini) Ecommerce & Digital Salary Survey

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Update: For the latest industry salary insights, take a look at our 2021 ecommerce and digital salary guide.

In one of our weekly ecommerce recruitment meetings, someone remarked that salary increases for higher performers in digtial/ecommerce seemed to have risen. This prompted one of our resourcers to do a bit of analysis on a segment of candidates who moved job over the past two years (2017-2019) and the findings were just insightful enough that we thought it would make an interesting blog share.

We don't think the data set we have worked from is big enough for this to be a true salary survey BUT the quality of the data is quite high so the results are definitely worth sharing!

Screen Shot 2019 06 26 at 12.15.19 Screen Shot 2019 06 26 at 12.15.36

*Source: ONS                       **Ave salary based on increase when moving job/role

When moving role within digital & ecommerce, candidates received an average salary increase of 12% (£3k - £20k) depending on level and job type.  This is significant considering UK wage growth currently sits at only 3.4% (1.4% after inflation).

But ecommerce recruitment data also shows that a small proportion of individuals took either a reduction in salary or maintained their overall package, focussing instead on job satisfaction and future development. 

Although the VP/Exec column shows only a 10% average increase, most of those roles came with more significant increase in Bonus, LTIP or Stock so the increase in overall package for senior roles was actually much higher than this graph suggests.

Screen Shot 2019 06 26 at 14.05.09

We also looked at the sectors Beringer Tame ecommerce candidates have moved to over the past two years. Retail & Travel/Ticketing continue to dominate but moves towards Fintech, FMCG and B2B/Wholesale Brands have increased.


Dissatisfaction with their manager (or leadership team) remains the number 1 reason why people move job, but responsibility, career progression and salary follow close behind. 

Screen Shot 2019 06 26 at 10.11.11

Another point to consider when looking at this data is that Beringer Tame generally only work with the top 20% of the talent in the ecommerce recruitment market meaning the data we are looking at is skewed towards higher performers.  It's perhaps no surprise to see that the salaries for top performers are outstripping the wider UK trend by a significant margin.

If you have any questions or would like deeper insights please feel free to get in touch!

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