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Digital Marketing Recruitment: Why have an 'instant' when you can have a quality espresso?

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Let's face it - there are a lot of us out there.. by us I mean recruiters! We're a bit like a Starbucks on an episode of The Simpsons.  We're everywhere.

We may be omnipresent, but a good recruiter is less Starbucks and more your independent coffee shop, selling the best coffee, made from the best beans, in real cups.  Think standing at a marble counter in the middle of Rome ordering a quality espresso.  

Now different recruiters serve different purposes and yes there is a place for each.  Some are generalists, working a high number of roles, within large teams, with a 'fill them fast' attitude. Some are specialists, working as a client partner, on a low number of positions, with high quality customer service.  I fully believe there is a time and a place for each in recruitment - but you need to know what the desired result of any hiring process is, what you'll receive from an agent, and make peace with any compromise you might have to make.

Ask yourself - how do you value the process, your time and even the candidate experience?


Money is tight and your boss needs you to fill an expert digital marketing manager role 'tout suite'. So what do you do? Hire a low cost recruiter (or even multiple recruiters) on a no-win-no-fee, I'd bet?  

Ok, so now imagine these recruiters find loads of potential candidates and send you a case load of CV's... you get down to filtering and interviewing and you get lucky finding a diamond in a sea of rough.  Victory!   ... or is it?

Or, maybe after sifting through multiple CV's, none of the candidates have the level of digital expertise or experience you're after.  That's ok, you've lost nothing and can just start again... with new agencies!   ... really?

As a specialist in digital marketing recruitment, I wonder how wise this hiring perspective is when looking to hire roles which require specialist skills.  Yes, you might find someone to fill your role BUT did you save yourself and your business time and resource? Did the process make your life easier?  Have you built a long term relationship with your agent?  Have your candidates seen the best of your company?  Did you actually find the best person for the job, or just the best out of the bunch?  And if you didn't find your digital superstar, how much time and energy have you already wasted?

"Focussing on cold hard cash as your key decision maker for hiring a recruiter is the biggest false economy I see in the industry, especially when it comes to niche or specialist roles.  I believe that recruitment is done best when your agent is your strategic partner, taking time to understand your business, culture, team, role and how it all fits together.  An agent who you trust to source only the very best (proven) talent with the skillset to fit both the job and the business in the long term".

When you want to satisfy your thirst, will an instant coffee relieve your craving.... or would a smooth espresso be more up your street?   

Filling a job is about more that just putting a bum on a seat.  It's about building & developing the business alongside acquiring and retaining the best people... after all, your people are your greatest asset.  

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Talk to us about helping you fill your digital marketing or ecommerce role - we've got the coffee on.. and it won't be an 'instant'!


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