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As a leading ecommerce recruitment agency, we deal with ecommerce day in, day out, and can take it for granted - but what is ecommerce, and are there different types?

On a fundamental level, ecommerce is the buying and selling of products online via websites or social platforms. Let's dig deeper...

The 3 Types of eCommerce

  1. Business-to-Business (e.g. Shopify)
  2. Business-to-Consumer (e.g. Amazon)
  3. Consumer-to-Consumer (e.g. eBay)

Business-to-Business eCommerce

B2B is whereby one business sells to another business (wholesale).

Business-to-Consumer eCommerce

B2C is becoming ever more popular as it's an easy way to target consumers online and getting them to purchase without ever having to leave house. 

Consumer-to-Consumer eCommerce

C2C has become poplular thanks to sites like eBay and more recently Vinted amongst others. Consumers are ever more mindful of sustainability, and C2C embraces this.

The Benefits of eCommerce

Unlike shopping in a bricks and mortar store, there is actually no limit to what can be bought and sold online. Whether you're looking for a new outfit, equipment for your home office, a new bed for your dog or even wallpaper, the sky is the limit.

Products can be sold via company websites, affiliates or on social. There really is huge opportunity.

What you like, when you like - 24/7

The internet doesn't switch off. It's open all day every day meaning consumers can buy from you 365 days a year at any time of the day (or night) from anywhere in the world. 

Know thy customer

Businesses now know more about their consumers than ever before with tools such as Google Analytics you can understand how often people visit your website, what pages they click on, how they’ve discovered your website, and what action they took (or didn't take).

Customer relationship management

Building an online presence and collecting useful data will facilitate better UX and CX. It will prevent information getting forgotten and building a relationship between your business, brand and customer which your competitors can only envy. 


If you've got products to sell online, make sure you're set up for ecommerce!


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