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Top Tips - How to job hunt during a pandemic

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Job hunting during a pandemic may seem intimidating, impossible even ... but don't be scared.   We've been here before ... well, maybe not with the whole pandemic situation, but we've weathered the storm of recession before and the same rules apply.

Work is out there if you look hard (& long) enough

Firstly, don't be scared!  

As a recruiter we know that finding work isn't easy.  It can be stressful and time consuming BUT if you want to find yourself a job right now, ecommerce and digital are the spaces to be in. As a sector it's experiencing record growth and will continue to do so for the foreseeable as our lives continue to go online to a degree never seen before. 

Businesses need great people to make sure their platforms and strategies are building the business whilst ensuring their consumers receive best in class UX.  If you're someone who can offer a company these skills, then you've got the tools to find yourself in demand, which also puts you in a much better position than many - use it to your advantage. 

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Secondly, remember that job hunting takes time and effort.

With most companies still having to (or even choosing to) work remotely, there are even more opportunities as location barriers no longer exist as they once did.  Go for broke - apply for that job 400 miles away or even that perfect role in another country.  Get creative.  Kick down those barriers that exist within you, and which existed pre-covid19.  What do you have to lose?

Top 8 Tips for job hunting during a pandemic/recession

  1. Acknowledge we are living in extraordinary circumstances
  2. Network
  3. Update your CV
  4. Update your online profile
  5. Set time aside to job hunt
  6. Be ready to video interview
  7. Ensure you have a space set out for work
  8. Stay healthy

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"It's important to acknowledge that the times we are currently living in really are extraordinary."   

With any economic downturn comes both opportunity & success as well as failure & hardship.  You need to make sure you've done everything in your power to be on the right side of the pendulum as it swings.

Finding a job isn't easy at the best of times but there are things you can do to position yourself as the perfect candidate.

Firstly, network.  Use your friends and colleagues (past & present) as a sounding board.  Find out how they are doing and ask if they are aware of any job opportunities opening up.  Do they have any contacts they could introduce you to who could be useful in your search - indeed, do they know a great specialist recruiter who could help you?   Now more than ever you'll also need to get comfortable networking online.  Join groups and professional forums on Facebook and Linkedin and make youself visible by commenting and showcasing your expertise. 

Update your CV.  Make sure your experience, skills and qualifications are up to date and have it ready to tweak so that it is always ready to send with a cover letter for that perfect job you've just seen.

Update your Linkedin/business profile. Make sure it's up to date and professional. Your online profile is most likely the first thing any recruiter or hiring manager will look at when you apply for a job so make it count. Why not ask your network if they would be happy to write a recommendation on your page.  

Set aside time to job hunt.  It is really important to treat any speculative job search as a job in itself.  Plan time in your day to do the necessary tasks and focus on it.  Do not try to carry out your job search whilst walking the dog, homeschooling the kids or cooking dinner.  If you really are looking for a job, put in the effort to make it happen.

Be ready for a video interview. Online interviewing is gaining traction all the time (out of both necessity and efficiency).  Be ready to showcase your personality and skillset over video.  Make sure you treat it like any other interview.  Ensure you put in time to prepare, have a private/quiet space available, dress well, test your tech, be on time, and be ready to showcase your brilliance across a screen.

Have a space to work. It may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people still don't have a specific space set aside to work.  If you're one of the lucky ones with a home office, then great, you're set.  However if you are working in a bedroom, dining or lounge area, make sure it's tidy and organised before doing any work.  Tidy environment = tidy mind.  You'll find it mcuh easier to concentrate and get your tasks done.

Stay healthy.  It is essential that you take care of both your body and mind.  Go for a run, walk or cycle (or even to the gym now that we can) before starting your job search, updating your CV or dialling in to that interview.  Those endorphines will not only make you feel good, but they'll also help you to activate the positivity and creativity you need to achieve success.  Also, get enough sleep and eat well.  

We're not saying it's an easy process, but it is important. Invest in youself and you'll find others will invest in you right back.

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