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The most in demand digital roles & future proofing your digital career post COVID-19

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We may 'all be in this together', but not all industries are equal when it comes to ecommerce recruitment opportunities in the current climate.  So,

  • What digital roles are in demand?

  • Which digital roles will continue to be in demand in the future?

  • Which sectors are still hiring?

Future proofing your digital career

I think we can agree that Covid-19 has impacted business like never before and whilst some are seeing massive growth, others are facing potential disaster as they struggle to keep up with the changing landscape.  

However, if you're in ecommerce or have digital marketing skills you're onto a winner.  Ecommerce is seeing huge uplift as consumers buy goods online (take a look at our 'Good News' posts on our blog), and this shift has meant significant changes within the sector, as well as the potential jobs within it.  So why not future proof your career starting now?

If you have the right (up-to-date) technical and digital marketing skills you'll be in demand as the ecommerce recruitment job market starts moving again. As the song goes "The winner takes it all...."

In demand digital marketing jobs & ecommerce roles:

  • CRM Managers
  • PPC & SEO experts
  • Email Marketing Specialists
  • Marketplace Managers
  • Ecommerce Traders
  • Digital Analysts
  • Digital Marketing/Brand Managers

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the digital world has become a lifeline to many, with more people online than ever before.  Everything 'essential' is now digital and this 'digital demand' will result in greater opportunity for those who have solid digital marketing and ecommerce skills! 

In-demand digital tech roles

  • Software Development
  • Programming
  • App & Web Development
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Digital Product Management
  • UX
  • AI

Tech skills will also be highly valued with a skilled workforce needed to build and improve the digital infrastructure.

In-demand industries will include:

  • Ecommerce Retail
    • Online is booming and it is likely to continue to grow. Initially people moved online out of necessity but now it's becoming habit and we expect consumers to continue to shop online out of convenience in a post-Coronavirus world.
  • Online Groceries
    • The realisation of grocers that their online offering was not satisfactory was a bitter pill to swallow (no doubt internally as well as by their customers).  Having such huge uplifts in demand has not been easy on the supply chain, but has led to speedy changes.  We can expect this to go further with AI and robotics taking up the baton.  There is so much opportunity within grocery fulfillment that digital and ecomm skills will be heavily sought out!
  • Food Delivery
    • The profound effect of social distancing has meant that restaurants, cafes and such, have had to find new ways to satisfy their customers, many offering takeaway and delivery services.  There is no reason why, post COVID-19, these businesses will not continue to offer these options with better online ordering platforms.    Additionally, food delivery companies such as Deliveroo & Uber Eats will continue to grow (as will their competition) and choice will be based on speed and quality of service throughout the customer journey.
  • Contact Solutions
    • Forced isolation has created numerous solutions to aid remote working and personal connection. Platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Slack are reaping the rewards as many companies face the reality that most jobs can, in fact, be done from home.  We don't foresee these contact solution businesses to suddenly disappear post COVID-19 - in fact they will likely continue to grow and wider competition will develop in this space, especially considering the positive environmental impact of millions of commuters being taken off the roads every day (not to mention the savings on reduced real-estate costs).
  • Healthcare, pharmaceutical & fitness
    • The healthcare sector will be changed forever and there will be a focus on improvements in efficiency to both infrastructure and process. Pharma companies will be at the forefront of finding new and innovative ways of health screening (e.g. tracing apps) and finding new vaccines.  AI will likely be the next big thing as we start to use algorithms to predict future similar events, and the health service using digital tools to connect with patients would seem to be a 'no brainer'; a Zoom call with your doctor (instead of sitting in a potentially germ filled waiting room) could become the norm (as could the use of healthcare apps).  Keeping fit will continue to be top of mind as we all start to take more responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and there will be a continued desire for fitness apps and related products.
  • FMCG
    • With the reality of changing consumer dynamics, direct-to-consumer e-commerce (marketplaces, social-media platforms, branded websites) and UX has become more important than ever within FMCG and technology will be playing a critical role in its future. 
  • E-Learning
    • With many people having more time on their hands since lockdown, it has led to a desire to sharpen skillsets or learn something new.  This will only benefit the economy in the long-run as a the new improved workforce get back into business and drive growth alongside those who have kept things running. It is likely that more e-learning packages will show up in this space, and maybe the education system as a whole could further embrace digital change!?
  • E-Tourism
    • A bit of a punt, but why not?  The tourism industry has taken a beating, but many museums and galleries have worked on providing online tours, or similar, in order to keep potential customers engaged.  Digital really does have many facets, so opening up the world to nervous travellers, those who cannot afford to travel, or those who no longer wish to, could be a win-win. 

Not everything will go digital, but there will be a serious amount of opportunity in this space - some obvious and some not so much.  It's an exciting time to be in digital marketing and ecommerce so watch this space!

Recruitment Trends we expect to see moving into 2020 & beyond:

  • The changing marketplace will lead to new opportunities and career changes
  • Remote working / working from home will become the norm and will be sought out by candidates
  • Recruitment processes will be carried out online 
  • Due to the level of uncertaintly, more contract jobs will become available (see Patricks-List)

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