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The most in demand jobs in tech

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In the past year companies have had to do a lot of work to transition into digitial first organisations.  This has meant digitising how they work, where they work and even when they work.  New skills have been needed and new roles created.

"The search for talent with digital and technological skills has increased 20%"

2021 Compensation Study, by Michael Page .

Ecommerce & Digital roles make up the top 3 most in demand jobs in tech, according to Entrepreneur  

1) Head of Growth or Chief Growth Officer 

This is the person responsible for managing a company's growth; they will develop the strategy and execution to acquire new users through metrics such as revenue & social ROIs (even employee engagement). A good CGO will generate results through collaboration, solid measurement of results and c-level support.  

2) Head of Product or Chief Product Officer (CPO)

This is a role responsible for product related activities and focuses on product strategy whilst looking to optimise the needs of the business and market. They will not only "lead the organization of digital products" but also be "responsible for creating a vision and strategy for the entire digital products organisation."

3) E-commerce Manager

This is a position which takes responsibility for managing and overseeing the design and development of a company website alongside "knowing the target market and how to reach them through digital strategies that increase sales in the e-commerce channel."

Other tech roles within this list include;

  • Open Source Developer
  • Network Engineer or Connectivity and Network Engineer
  • Security Engineer or Security Engineer
  • Head of Supply Chain or Supply Chain Director
  • Procurement Head
  • Chief Information Officer or Director of Technology

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