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Consumer Trends to watch in 2022

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Following the past two years of disruption, new trends are emerging, giving way to exciting new possibilities. 

The theme for 2022 will be around individual happiness in relationships and work, and responding to a new outlook of positivity towards people, business, and the environment.

Here are some of the key consumer trends for 2022.

Consumer trends for 2022

1) The pursuit of purpose

YOLO will manifest itself in the workplace through employees' search for meaning and happiness through a reassessment of priorities and “you only live once” (YOLO) digital campaigns will resonate with consumers as they normalise experience vs safety. 

A whopping 74% of job hunters are actually satisfied with their current role, meaning the desire for novelty trumps security. Working just for the sake of it is now largely seen as a waste of valuable time.


2) The end of plenty

Scarcity and sustainability factors are driving forward an environmental movement and a more measured approach to consumption and sustainability.

Ethics and sustainability issues are key factors when it comes to the British consumer with "almost a third of consumers having stopped buying the products of some brands due to ethical concerns".


3) User-generated content

With global online sharing rapidly growing (logging into TikTok every day has increased by 58%), brand focus should be on encouraging UGC.  Whether it's employees, customers, or brand loyalists, creative content will help influence engagement and increase conversions. But be authentic!

"Nowadays, brands have to fight to be seen online, and competition is fierce for audience attention. As a result, buyers are more selective about the brands they interact with and purchase from, especially the notoriously fickle Gen-Z."


4) Gamification

It's increasingly becoming the central medium for young people due to its hybrid nature (social & competition). Get on board!

"Entering the metaverse or getting involved in gaming platforms has proven fruitful."


5) Beauty standards seek out reality vs perfection

Aesthetics have changed and brands need to dig deeper to ‘meet their consumer where they are when it comes to beauty and mental health – this will also have a knock-on effect to brand influencer marketing.

"’s diverse and multifaceted consumers will expect to be met with products that fit their exacting needs."

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6) Cusotmers take back control of wellbeing

Consumers are more proactive than ever in their approach to staying healthy following the Covid pandemic and have become more aware of the importance of looking after their physical and mental health.  Employers need to think about implementing 'wellness days' alongside flexible working solutions as a business priority. 

 “Supporting the mental health of employees, customers, and the wider community should already be a major priority for companies around the world. In the year ahead, as working from home becomes more common and our lives grow more interconnected than ever, there will be even greater focus upon mental health alongside physical health and wellbeing...”

(Richard Branson)

7) Cryptocurrency is coming

Brands can’t ignore the ‘rising tide of crypto for long, especially as it is estimated that the global cryptocurrency market will more than triple by 2030 (to nearly $5 billion). 

"[Crypto users] are actually ready to spend twice more compared to regular credit card users. Add the possibility to literally go beyond borders and accept international payments, and you get quite a combo


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