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TravelLocal, founded in 2008, quickly established itself as a leader in the global tailor-made holiday sector. Known for its innovative approach of connecting travellers with local experts, the company has offered authentic, personalised holiday experiences. The merger with Berlin-based and the infusion of additional funding significantly bolstered TravelLocal's market presence in a dynamically growing travel industry.

In the wake of the pandemic, with a surge in demand for unique and authentic travel experiences, TravelLocal, alongside, found itself ideally positioned to meet this new consumer demand. Their combined strengths opened up opportunities in the travel sector, emphasising sustainability and social impact in their offerings.

The Challenge:

TravelLocal faced several challenges in their recruitment process during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were unsure of the exact nature of the Head of Digital Marketing position they were seeking to appoint, which added complexity to the recruitment process. Beringer Tame stepped in not only to facilitate the recruitment during these challenging times but also to guide TravelLocal in defining the role for the market. Additionally, the inability to conduct face-to-face interviews meant adapting to a completely virtual hiring environment, which was a significant shift from traditional recruitment methods.

The Solution:

Beringer Tame's approach to addressing these challenges included:

  • Conducting a comprehensive conference call with all stakeholders to align on the role and fully understand the requirements.
  • Working closely with the line manager to develop a detailed candidate brief and job description, guiding TravelLocal in clarifying the role they were looking to fill.
  • Leveraging their vast network and extensive experience in digital talent headhunting, with a focus on proactive headhunting and engagement through various channels.
  • Overcoming the constraints of the pandemic by utilising for video interviews, ensuring a seamless and effective screening and shortlisting process despite the lack of in-person interactions.

The Results:
The recruitment process led to:

  • Successful shortlisting of candidates and conducting interviews via Zoom with the key hiring manager, adapting to the COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Selection of top candidates for subsequent video interviews with TravelLocal's Founder and Chief of People, maintaining high standards in the selection process.
  • A job offer was extended to the chosen candidate, with a reserve candidate kept engaged until the contract signing.

This was a strategic and adaptive recruitment process, expertly managed by Beringer Tame. The appointment of the Head of Digital Marketing, tailored to the company's specific needs and context, significantly enhanced TravelLocal's digital marketing strategy and contributed to their strong positioning in the competitive travel industry.

"Thanks Kim and thank you so much for running a great process. We're absolutely delighted to have Monika as part of the team - she is a superstar!."

Jo Rance
Chief Marketing Officer

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