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Top Tips for Hitting your Ecommerce Career Goals

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Looking to take your ecommerce career to the next level? Read top tips from our ecommerce recruitment team on how you can reach your ecommerce career goals...

We're not quite sure how we're already heading towards Easter, but 2022 has well and truly got underway.  

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your career (and personal) aspirations and to ask yourself

"where do I want to be this time next year?"

Are you dreaming of a big promotion, or about learning a new skill? 

Whatever it is, it's time to line yourself up perfectly to thrive in the world of ecommerce & digital.

Our 5 Tips for Hitting your Ecommerce Career Goals

1) Define your goals

2) Create a personal summary pinpointing what drives you

3) Highlight any obstacles and how you might overcome them

4) Reflect and plan

5) Take the leap

1) Define your career goals

You may find that once you start thinking through what you really want out of your career (and life) your goals will start to move around a bit until you hit a sweet spot.  

Just make sure you always keep an end point in mind.

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

Put time aside to develop your thoughts on career goals

  • define them clearly
  • give yourself concrete targets such as to get a pay rise, work on a new project or learn a new skill. 

Map out your career

  • what do you love (or indeed loathe) doing?
  • what makes you tick?
  • what drives you forward?
  • which tasks energise vs demotivate you?

2) Personal Summary

Don't under estimate how understanding your key drivers can change how you feel about your career goals. They might cement your thoughts, or even blow them apart, but this exericse is surprisingly effective at getting to your truth.

List out your skills & strengths

  • what are you naturally really good at?
    • are you more creative or analytic?
  • what skills do you need/want to develop?
    • e.g. content marketing, marketplace management, data analytics, SEO etc
  • are there skills you'd like to use more often?
  • are there things you're good at but actually have no real interest in using day to day?

Think about when you have done your best work

  • which skills were you using?
  • what role were you doing?
  • what sort of business were you part of?
  • were you in a local vs global role?
  • were you mostly working as part of a team or on your own?
  • what management style was present?
  • what were your biggest achievements?

Key interests

  • what makes you happy in and out of work? 
  • which tasks or working environments do you actively seek out?

Your Values

  • what are your top values - your non-negotiables?
    • independence, compensation, variety, challenge, recognition, ethical business, influence etc
  • how do you feel when your values aren't being met?
    • does it demotivate you or even matter at all?

Career Options 

  • do you want to change where you are, or stay in the same lane?

Draw pictures, create mood boards or write lists - whatever works best for you to be able to sort the wood from the trees.

Clarity will come.

3) Highlight Any Obstacles

Reflect on what might be holding you back and preventing you from reaching your goal.

Possible Obstacles

  • skillset
  • flexibility
  • confidence...

Then think through the solutions that are open to you, or the possible resources you might need.

Possible Solutions/Resources

Let's face it, you haven't got to where you are today by accident, so by eating these 'frogs' they'll seem much less daunting. 

4) Reflect & Plan

It's really important to read through all of your notes and reflect on what you've discovered about yourself before taking any action.  

Identify your next steps and make a plan.

As yourself which of the many digital career paths you are now looking to persue given all you have learned or are you exactly where you're supposed to be?

  • do you need to upskill or retrain?
  • does your current role give you the opportunity to do this or is it time to move on for a better fit?
  • what working environment are you looking to be part of?
  • who do you  already know who could help you?

Everything you need to know about your next move will be right in front of you.

5) Take The Leap

You may find that you have gone around in circles or that you gained clarity very easily.

Either way, this sort of inner reflection should be seen as a marathon rather than a sprint and you'll be surprised how much progress you've made and what positive effect this will have on your future. 

Now is the crunch point.

It's time to make a decision in order to move you forward.

Take control, take the leap and make it happen.

Your career is in your hands and there is no reason you won't get to where you want to be!

What’s next? 

If one of your top career goals for 2022 is finding a new ecommerce job, then Beringer Tame, the ecommerce recruitment specialists, are here to help. Have a chat with one of our consultants or share your CV with us.  You can also check through our live roles to see if any of them look like the perfect fit. 

You can also read through our Tips & Tricks area which is full of helpful advice.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

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