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The Most Popular Week To Resign

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Thinking of handing in your notice? You’re not alone. The third week of September sees 37% of all resignations in the year, according to cloud recruiters Resource On Demand. So what is it about this week that gets everyone running for the exit?

The end of summer
By September most people have been away for their summer holiday. And those lazy afternoons on the beach or by the pool (or not so lazy afternoons climbing mountains, whatever floats your boat), provide a lot of thinking time. When your mind isn’t preoccupied with work it can wander… “Is my job really going where I want it to?”, “How can I bear going back?”, “You know, I really don’t think I’m appreciated by my boss at all”. 

The coming of winter
The inevitable downer of the thought of the long winter ahead is also a catalyst. With the holiday over and nothing left to look forward to, for many people finding a new job is a way to inject some excitement that their current job just isn’t providing.

Christmas capers
September is also a popular time to quit because it stops you getting too embroiled in the Christmas campaigns. By the time November comes you’re too indispensable, and employers won’t look favourably on you leaving them in the lurch when they come to give you a reference.

If the average person spends 4 weeks job hunting and interviewing, then works their 4 weeks notice, they will be starting their new job in November. Just in time to hit the ground running into Christmas, thus avoiding that awkward ‘I don’t really know what I should be doing…’ feeling of the first few weeks.

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