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The long-term impact of no praise or positive feedback at work according to Metro

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A study last year found at almost one in three employees felt their boss did not recognise or reward their good work and 41% of workers said that their efforts go unnoticed by their manager or boss most or some of the time.

A recent article from Metro highlights the struggle and what you can do about it.

"A simple thank you can go a long way – but the lack of one can be incredibly damaging."

  • If the only feedback you receive from your managers is negative, this could lead to low self-worth. 
  • Feeling undervalued in our job can mess with our self-esteem negatively impacting your perception of when we’re doing well or struggling.
  • It could eventually lead to understaffing and low morale for managers & higher staff turnover

"When management doesn’t build an adequate culture of recognition within the business, employees can begin to feel disengaged from their jobs as they feel like their work is not being respected." 

(Jason Brennan, director of leadership and wellness at Wrkit) 

Feedback is important for

  • Being noticed
  • Having a sense of belonging
  • Having a link to achievements
  • Wanting to put in extra time & effort

"The average cost of replacing an employee is £15,000 and it costs more as their seniority increases." 

(Kate Underwood, Managing Director of Kate Underwood HR and Training consultancy)

How to give effective praise

  • Make time for it so it doesn’t get lost.
  • If you're impressed by something, say it immediately.
  • Mean it. 
  • Be constructive. 
  • Make positive reinforcement central to your workplace.
  • Remuneration and work perks can help. Praise can only go so far if they’re underpaid and/or overworked.

Read full article on Metro

Image: Getty / Metro article

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