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Retail's digital transformation

Today, tailored experiences and personalised relationship building is critical; you could even say that having access to customers' personal data has become as vital as breathing air - it's at the very centre of business mortality.

Retailers must be omni-present, online and ecommerce friendly - that means offering customers superior website UX at every stage of the journey. 

It's fair to say that the pandemic has left many stores with no option but to offer an online shopping service.

We all know that COVD-19 has brought about many changes within retail and that the digital space has grown exponentially.  Whilst bricks and mortar stores have struggled to get their foot back in the door, digital has well and truly taken the baton and is sprinting at full pace.  

The Importance of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce for Today's Retailers

For retailers to thrive in today's world, optimising digital capabilities will be key. This means not only investing in the supporting infastructure, but also in great people with the right set of skills.  

All levels of the organisation need to understand the importance (and value) of digital transformation to the business in the short and long-term and invest in it accordingly.

"Progress is impossible without change"

(Geroge Bernard Shaw)

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