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Ready... Steady... Bake

Ready... Steady.. Bake!

Here at ecommerce recruitment agency Beringer Tame we like to work hard and play hard... but this month is all about Bake-Off.

Our first entry was from our very own Kimberley... a truly outstanding 'Bonfire' cake - topped with marshmallows, caramel brittle and sparklers. What's not to love? The rest of the team quaked in their boots wondering how on earth this could be beaten... no pun intended!

Next our amazing Debs created a Stag Cake that even Mary Berry would have been proud of.  Not only did it look amazing, but it also tasted incredible!

Waffle Photo Food Promo Instagram Post

Following hot on their heels, and with a savoury bake to turn things on their head, followed Jody with spectacular sausage rolls and homemade mustard mayo.

Yellow Saying Cooking   Food Facebook Post

Ali came back with a coma inducing "Death by Chocolate" traybake - we're not sure we got a lot done that afternoon - we're sure Patrick was sleeping under his desk at one point!


So what's next?  Who can tell.. but we are all looking forward to it!  



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