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Qualities of Successful Teams

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A strong, accountable, high-performing team is paramount to the success of any business.  

Highly engaged, motivated team members will always outperform those that aren't.  


So what really makes one team perform better than another?

1.Clear Vision

The best teams have an agreed purpose or goal/s, and will work (together) to a clear action plan in order to achieve the desired results.

Contributions will come from every person on the team with each one being accutely aware how of they can contribute to success by utlising their unique strength/s.

When team members focus on delivering the difference only they can create, teams become strong and successful.


2. Good Communication

It's not rocket science - colleagues who have open, honest and constructive communication are able to work more efficiently together.

They will check in with each other regularly to ask for help, give feedback or share ideas. They will listen and show respect for each other's perspective and strive for efficiency.

Good communication is essential for managing projects and deadlines - it is at the core of both project and business success.

3. Organisation, Cooperation & Coordination

Being organised is essential for effective project management. When all individuals on a team know the end goal, the role they will each play and how to leverage each others strengths, trust is formed and the team will become stronger.

Every member of the team should fully understand what they are responsible for and contribute their 'fair share'. They should be accountable and responsible for their own work but also take responsibility for passing it back to the team and meeting project deadlines.

The team leader should make sure that things are running to plan, budget (if you have one) and to time. 

Everyone should always be happy to help each other, pull their sleeves up and get dirty when they need to.

"When you work together, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, everyone contributing their own unique talents for the benefit of the team."

4. Diversity & Inclusion

We are all unique - diversity is needed not just by the broadening of skillset it offers, but also gives rise to different personalities, cultures, age groups and experiences that can really enhance how tasks are seen and therefore completed.

5. Inspirational Leadership

The best teams are those led by someone with great communication and collaboration skills. They aim to develop and encourage those around them, are highly approachable and those that really care about achieving the end goal.

The leader needs to be someone who is respected and trusted by the members of the group (and ideally way beyond that).

"... the glue holding the team together and should be responsible for setting the pace, offers encouragement and motivation, and keeps all members of the team updated."


6. Have Fun

It's no secret that inspiring and happy cultures encourage employees to give their best, be more creative and work harder.. they're also more likely to stay put as they feel appreciated!

Having more fun increases motivation, improves communication and honesty, boosts productivity, generates a strong sense of positive leadership and creates trust.

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