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Omlet has emerged as a leading name in hobby chicken keeping and is rapidly expanding its footprint in the premium pet products market. Catering to a diverse range of pet needs, their product portfolio now includes significant ranges for dogs and cats, in addition to their original focus on chickens. This strategic expansion enables Omlet to address the growing demands of pet owners in key global markets, including the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. The company's commitment to innovation and user-friendly design has been central to its success, establishing it as a versatile and customer-centric brand.

The company's robust e-commerce infrastructure, a cornerstone of its business model since day one, is complemented by localized distribution in all major markets, ensuring effective and efficient customer service. With current sales at around £40 million and an ambitious goal to reach £100 million, Omlet is well-placed to leverage the growing global pet sector. Backed by Piper Private Equity, Omlet is poised for significant growth, aiming to cement its position as the foremost global brand for premium, innovative pet products.

The Challenge:

As Omlet approached a critical phase in its growth journey, following an investment from Piper Private Equity, the company faced the challenge of restructuring its team to establish a new e-commerce/digital division, crucial for supporting its ambitious expansion plans. This restructuring was particularly significant as Omlet was looking to aggressively expand its offering in the US market, a key region for its growth strategy. The complexity of defining new roles and adapting their operational approach to e- commerce was compounded by this focus on the US market. To navigate these organisational changes effectively and align the new team structure with their strategic goals, especially in the competitive US premium pet product market, Omlet sought expert guidance.

The Solution:
Beringer Tame's strategy for assisting Omlet:

  • Arranging a face-to-face meeting between Beringer Tame and Omlet's Senior Leadership Team was pivotal. This meeting was crucial for discussing team structure, salary benchmarking, market conditions, and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for the new roles.
  • Beringer Tame worked intimately with Omlet's business founders to devise a recruitment plan. They determined which roles to approach the market with initially, ensuring a strategic and focused start to the process.
  • They developed detailed candidate briefing packs and job descriptions, assisting Omlet in clearly defining the roles. This process was instrumental in ensuring that candidates had a clear understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of their potential roles.
  • Leveraging their extensive network and experience in digital talent headhunting, Beringer Tame employed a proactive approach to headhunting and engagement across various channels, ensuring access to the best talent in the market.
  • To maintain the integrity and efficiency of the recruitment process, Beringer Tame was present for every interview. Their involvement ensured a seamless process, maintaining momentum, and providing prompt feedback, which was essential for an effective and streamlined recruitment experience.

The Results:
The recruitment process led to:

  • Candidates were effectively shortlisted and underwent interviews with Omlet's key hiring manager, ensuring a high-quality selection pool.
  • The top candidates progressed to face-to-face interviews, including a presentation brief to the business founders, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of their skills and compatibility with Omlet's culture.
  • A more senior candidate, introduced later in the process, was pitched by Beringer Tame as capable of merging both roles. This innovative approach led to a new consideration for the team structure.
  • Ultimately, a job offer was extended to this more senior candidate, while reserve candidates for the individual roles were kept engaged until the contract was signed.

The strategic recruitment process led by Beringer Tame was a pivotal factor in Omlet's restructuring phase. The introduction and eventual selection of a more senior candidate, who could effectively combine multiple roles, demonstrated Beringer Tame's adaptability and insight into Omlet's needs. This move not only streamlined the team structure but also brought in comprehensive expertise, significantly bolstering Omlet's capabilities in the digital and e-commerce realms and solidifying its position in the premium pet product market.

"We chose to collaborate with Beringer Tame because of their extensive network within the Marketing sector. Kim dedicated time to fully grasp our business, understanding our structure and culture, and continued to build on this knowledge throughout the recruitment process.."

"Her approach was not only professional but also personable, making the collaboration a joy. She proved to be a pleasure to work with—friendly, approachable, and consistently responsive to calls and emails. Kim adeptly grasped our feedback, and we anticipate the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

Louisa Carpenter Head of People

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