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Founded over a century ago, NATURANA is a family-operated, global brand specializing in lingerie, swimwear, and loungewear, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Operating across 13 offices in Europe, Canada, and Hong Kong, NATURANA employs over 700 individuals worldwide, distributing products to 40 countries. The brand places a high value on sustainability and social justice, with a commitment to using organically produced natural fibers and organic cotton in their products. Designed to cater to every body shape, NATURANA emphasizes comfort in all its offerings.

E-commerce represented a significant growth opportunity for NATURANA. The quest to identify and recruit the ideal leader for their direct-to-consumer e-commerce venture was crucial. Given the specialised skills required for this role—skills that are not readily available within NATURANA's current team—the leadership acknowledged the need for a global search, despite the brand's strong European roots.

The Challenge:

In a strategic move to bolster its digital footprint and fuel international growth, Naturana sought a Head of E-commerce, a pivotal role aimed at transforming its online sales and user experience. Positioned at the intersection of ambition and innovation, this role was designed to lead Naturana's e-commerce strategy with full P&L responsibility, overseeing digital marketing and CRM from London—a choice reflecting the desire to harness the city's rich digital talent pool. The search emphasised finding a candidate with the unique blend of international experience and willingness to frequently travel to Stuttgart, despite the initial challenge of not having a dedicated team. This critical juncture necessitated the involvement of a specialist recruitment partner with a proven track record in recruiting and building international teams, and a deep understanding of the required skillset.

The Solution:

Beringer Tame's strategy for supporting Naturana:

  • A crucial meeting was arranged between Beringer Tame and the Founder of Naturana to discuss the intricacies of the new role, including team structure, salary benchmarking, market conditions, and the overall requirements. This direct engagement was pivotal in establishing a clear and mutual understanding of Naturana's needs and expectations.
  • Working in close collaboration with Naturana's founder, Beringer Tame crafted a detailed candidate brief and job description. This effort was aimed at precisely defining the role Naturana sought to fill, ensuring potential candidates had a clear picture of the expectations and responsibilities.
  • Leveraging their extensive network and rich experience in digital talent acquisition, Beringer Tame adopted a proactive approach to headhunting. They engaged potential candidates through various channels, ensuring a wide reach and access to the best talent suitable for Naturana's specific needs.
  • To guarantee a smooth and efficient recruitment process, Beringer Tame was actively involved in every interview. This involvement ensured ongoing momentum, facilitated a seamless experience for all parties, and guaranteed prompt feedback, contributing to an effective and streamlined hiring process.

The Results:

  • Candidates were efficiently shortlisted and underwent initial interviews with Naturana's founder via video, creating a high-quality candidate pool. Following this, second interviews were conducted with the CEO, also over video, to further narrow down the selection.
  • The final stage brought two candidates to Naturana's head office in Stuttgart, where they met with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and presented a brief. This step allowed for an in-depth evaluation of the candidates' abilities and their fit with Naturana's culture and values.
  • The best candidate was selected after a thorough multi-stage process and was extended a job offer. Reserve candidates were kept engaged throughout the process until the chosen candidate's contract was finalised.

This comprehensive and strategic recruitment process was crucial in identifying and securing the right talent for Naturana. From initial video interviews to the final in-person presentations at the Stuttgart head office, each step was meticulously planned to assess the candidates' skills, compatibility with the company's culture, and their potential impact on Naturana's growth. The successful appointment of the chosen candidate, following a rigorous evaluation process, reflects Naturana's commitment to excellence and strategic vision for future growth, ensuring that the new addition to their team is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the company's success.

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