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Nailing your final interview – You’ve got this!

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As an ecommerce recruitment agency, we know that the final interview is the big one. The big dipper. The one where you have to convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for the job.  They obviously already like you and believe you can do the role, otherwise you wouldn’t be there.  

Don’t lose your nerve now.  

Your dream job could be just in your grasp.

What is a final interview?

This is the last step where a company can talk to those they have shortlisted from the first rounds of interview to ask them any further questions.  This is so they can be sure they’re choosing the best person to hire.  It is also a great opportunity for you as the candidate to ask any final questions you may have.  

Top tips on how to survive and ace your final interview

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1) Know who you’re going to be talking to 

Is it someone you’ve met before and already have a rapport with or someone new? Look them up on LinkedIn - what is their background, current role, interests even. This can often help with any questions you might ask.

2) Stay on track

The interviewer will have notes of all your previous answers to their questions and may wish to review some of your answers.  As long as you’ve told the truth this should be no issue. 

3) Know why you’re the best person for the job

Let the interviewer know that you’re excited about the potential of working with them and how you think you’d fit in. Cultural and organisational fit is very important so make sure you cover it.  Also make sure you talk about your successes and achievements – but don’t brag!

4) Show that you’re thinking of the future 

Hiring is an expensive business so it’s nice to show that you’re in it for the long haul and building your career with them.

The interview process can be exhausting - by researching and planning you'll be more likely to take it all in your stride.

Even if things don't come off for you this time, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Take a look at our latest jobs for some inspiration, or send us your CV - we would be happy to hear from you!

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