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How To Run The Best Recruitment Process Ever

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Recruitment is a headache and that's no different when it comes to digital marketing and ecommerce roles. It takes time and effort, it’s not what you really want to be doing and CVs all start to look the same in the end anyway...

So how do you make your recruitment that little bit easier?

Well first of all, you should use a specialist recruitment agency (of course). But if you also follow these three simple tips your new hire will happen quickly, painlessly and effectively.

  1. Keep the process moving - don't drag your feet
  2. Keep in touch - be available
  3. Be realistic - be willing to compromise

Keep it snappy
It’s tempting just to fit recruitment around all the more exciting things you have to do, but that’s the worst thing you can do. This is a buoyant, candidate driven market. If you drag your feet, you won’t secure the candidate you want. The longer a process takes, the more likely it is that the best candidates will be snapped up by competitors, or get disenchanted by your lack of action.

The best thing you can do is block out time in your diary to focus on getting your recruitment done. A couple of days to read CVs, a few more to shortlist and consult with colleagues, and then lots of time to interview the hopefuls (this is key, as we often find that getting mutual availability for interview is the main culprit in holding up processes). 

Keep in touch
This goes hand in hand with keeping it snappy. If you’re not talking to anyone then the process isn’t moving on. Yes, things go wrong and barriers come up; just explaining them to candidates will keep them warm. One of the worst things you can do is be unobtainable, it creates a bad impression

If you’re working with a recruitment agent, communication is key. Recruiters don’t know if you don’t like the CVs unless you tell them! (Yes it sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t do it). The more you can tell them throughout the process the better, this will help them manage candidates’ expectations. For example; what you think about each candidate, what your worries are about them and what you love about them.

Keep your feet on the ground
Be realistic. If you’re based in the middle of nowhere you’re not going to get the tip top of digital talent (unless you’re offering a ginormous salary). If you’re not the world’s biggest, most well-known and dynamic brand, you’re going to have really sell yourself to get the best talent.

Keep your expectations grounded in reality. Don’t expect the earth. It would be useful to look at your requirements and a) see if they’re actually realistic, and b) work out what you’re willing to compromise on. This way you’re prepared for every eventuality. Also think about what you can offer a candidate in a tough negotiation: could they work from home a couple of days, can you pay for their travel or can you offer a competitive bonus? Establish their key drivers and try and play to those.

There’s no need for recruiting a new team member to be penitential process. With some common sense, forward thinking and commitment, it can be done successfully and painlessly. Just rip the plaster, don’t peel it.

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