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How to harmonise digital, marketing & ecommerce skills for outstanding results according to Econsulanacy

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As an ecommerce recruitment agency, we know that people are your greatest asset, and it's more important than ever to ensure that they have the skills necessary to deliver strong ROI across marketing campaigns.

Econsultancy has written a white paper on just this topic. Below are their key findings (click here to download).

Did you know

  • Top-performing organisations are twice as likely as their peers to be making significant investment in digital skills and education.
  • 76% of marketers agree that both individual and organisation learning experiences have improved their ability to integrate marketing activities.
  • 82% agree that learning and development experiences have improved their ability to make or influence strategic decisions.

3 business benefits of formal learning at work programmes

  • Confidence
  • Credibility
  • Creativity

Marketing skills

It's important that you look to optimise your employees' knowledge with both core & specialist skills. 

Core marketing skills

  • creativity
  • copywriting
  • commercial awareness
  • campaign project and budget management
  • segmentation
  • campaign measurement 

Specialist marketing skills

  • ecommerce
  • digital advertising
  • search marketing
  • web development
  • user experience
  • data analysis and measurement

Top 3 soft skills 

  • ability to embrace change
  • critical thinking
  • collaboration

94% of marketers agree that soft skills are as important as technical skills to be successful in marketing.

How to build these skills in your organisation

  • encourage continuous professional development
  • teach critical thinking through developing curiosity alongside data skills & the use of common sense
  • promote collaborative working relationships
  • you can also hire in experts to lead the team and disseminate knowledge

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How to: harmonise digital, marketing & ecommerce skills for outstanding results 

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