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How to get the pay rise you deserve (according to glassdoor)

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As an ecommerce recruitment agency we know that asking for a payrise is not the easiest of topics to bring up with your boss and can cause some anxiety. 

Here's some top advice from the team at glassdoor on how best to negotiate an increase to your marketing pay.

Read full glassdoor article here

"The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a pay rise that reflects the hard work that you do, but there are some approaches and best practises that will always get better results than others."


How to Prepare

Preparation is the key to success: always prepare! Build your case by sharing examples of recent ecommerce projects or digital marketing stats where you really provided value to the company.

Know your worth: check out tools like our Beringer Tame Salary Survey or Glassdoor’s Salaries tool to benchmark what similar roles are earning. 

When to Ask for a Pay Rise

Pick your time!  

Annual performance reviews: bringing up the subject of salary is often expected.

After completing an important project: if you have shown value and achievement - why not.

When your manager is happy: avoid asking your boss if they're stressed or particularly busy. 

What to Say to Get a Pay Rise

Be natural, clear, specific and concise. Be confident!

How to Justify Your Pay Rise

Give recent examples: what have you accomplished and what have you specifically contributed to the business.

What to Expect

"If you have chosen an appropriate time to ask for a pay rise and have built your case for a pay rise with specific evidence of your great work, you should expect your manager to give your proposal serious consideration."


Be ready for questions.  Be open to negotiation.  Be willing to compromise. Ensure you continue to succeed and deliver results.

Image credit : glassdoor

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