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How to be a standout candidate in ecommerce recruitment

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We all know how tough it can be to stand out in life, but even more so when looking for a job.

The ecommerce recruitment market is saturated with job seekers and employers are flooded with more CVs than they possibly shake the proverbial stick at. 


We've noticed that many jobs are getting 3x if not 4x as many applications as the same time last year. This puts pressure on candidates, hiring managers and ecommerce recruitment agents.

As ecommerce grows, so will the jobs within the sector.  You need to be ready to showcase your skills and experience to the world - whether your an expert in organic search or a PPC whizz, a marketplace manager or a digital diva, you need to be able to prove that you are the person they're looking for - the one who will ultimately drive their business forward!

So how can you stand out?

Make yourself memorable - for all the right reasons!

1. Be Honest & Open

Never lie in your CV or an interview. We can tell you 100% you'll be found out and that isn't something you want to happen.  

Nowadays ecommerce recruitment is a sophisticated process and is run by experienced professionals driven to find the perfect candidate to fill their role.

Fact checking is part of that process so do not let your credibility be tarnished, or even totally destroyed by what you think is a 'little white lie'. You will lose out on that job, and possibly others too!

2. Tailor Your Cover Letter and CV

Customise, customise, customise.  

Make sure your CV and cover letter are tailored to the specific job you're applying for.  This means update your job history and highlight all of the skills that make you a perfect fit for that specific role. 

Put the time in at the start of your search - you won't regret it!

A job application is scanned in under 7 seconds - make sure the person reading yours can see you have the potential to be THE ONE as soon as they pick it up. 

3. Respond Quickly 

You've sent your CV and cover letter and you've been contacted by the hiring manager. Great! Stay focussed and respond to their communication quickly and professionally. There is no excuse for poor comms, whether by email or phone, so make sure you're on point.

If you have been asked to send more information about yourself, or complete an ecommerce recruitment task, ensure you do it promptly (and to the best of your ability).  

If you know you will be delayed in passing back any information that has been requested, get in touch, explain the situation and advise them of when they can expect it from you. This shows you are committed to the process. 

4. Ask Questions

You may think an interview is a one-way street. You're there to answer the hiring manager's questions, right?  Wrong!

An interview should be a two-way conversation. Yes you need to answer their questions, but don't forget to ask some too. Find out more about the role, the company, expectations and what happens next in the recruiting process. This will show that you are interested in them and have put work into researching the job.

5. Show Enthusiasm

We can't stress enough how important it is to show enthusiasm during the ecommerce recruitment process. If you've done your research you'll already know why the job and the company are right for you. Make sure you get this across... and if you have done your research and the job isn't right, don't apply!

If you're simply going for a job because it's there, you're not the right person. Don't waste your time, or that of the hiring manager.

Understand what you love to do and go for a job that fits that desire. You'll be much more successful.

6. Send a Thank You 

The personal touch can go a long way to make you more memorable so why not send a thank you to the hiring manager post interview.

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