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We spend a third of our life at work and let's face it life is too short to be miserable doing a job you don't love.  There are so many different jobs within the digital marketing landscape which makes it an exciting (and competitive) place to be.  Whether your're a digital marketing executive, digital marketing manager, an ecommerce director or a head of growth, you should be able to find the perfect role which will fit you like a Saville Row suit.

So how do you find your dream digital marketing job?

By understanding who you are and what makes you tick is a great start to making positive steps towards the light!  Ask yourself;

  • What do you like to do & what makes you happy?  

  • What skills do you have (including soft skills)?

  • Are you an expert in one or two areas e.g. SEO, PPC, content or social, or do you work better with a broader job spec? 

  • What sort of company would provide you with the right environment to flourish e.g. corporate, SME or a start-up?  

  • How you can showcase what you have to offer?

By bringing your true self to work, you will find success.   You'll be happy, positive and driven... and ultimately do great work!

Happiness breeds success after all!

Get the job you want

If you'd like to talk to one of our consultants about enhancing or even starting your career in digital marketing or ecommerce, please give us a call 01256 881033.

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