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Finding True (Recruitment) Love

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Recruiting:  A Quest for True Love

There is very little difference between the hiring process and the process of finding the perfect partner. Both take a little compromise, a lot of common interests and a shared vision of the future. Here are some reasons why you should be treating recruiting like a quest for true love.

Dating Profiles vs Job Profiles

Around 30% of couples meet online*, and the stigma around internet dating is quickly fading. Although the traditional ‘dating profiles’ of recruitment - the CV and the job spec - are still really important, the online profile is coming into its own. Like it or not, employers and job seekers vet potential partners on social media to get a feel of their personality and whether they’ll fit together. Much like a dating profile, your social media profile or blog should be putting your best foot forward, showing yourself or your company off and proving that you’re perfect. The rise of personal branding and employer branding blogs and advice show just how important your unofficial dating profile is.

Introductions and the value of networking

Introduction by friends has been the primary way in which couples meet since the 1940s*. It makes sense: friends know your interests; know the kind of person you want/need; know you’re not a weirdo. The same is true of recruitment. Business introductions through friends and colleagues are very effective as all parties trust each other and have each other’s best interests at heart. However, as with personal introductions, if it all goes up in flames you have a lot more to lose...

Matchmaking - matching partners vs matching candidates

...which is why matchmaking is the way forward. Matchmaking was core to arranging relationships for centuries and today has received a new lease of life thanks to TV shows like The Millionaire Matchmaker. It seems sensible to treat your love life like an expensive purchase, entrusting it to a well connected professional who understands your needs.

Using a matchmaker (or recruiter - see what we did there) is the really sensible way to approach recruitment. Recruiters know all the best people and companies to match you with and can sell you to your dream partner. They understand who and what you need perhaps better than you do yourself, and provide excellent value for money (what price can you put on true love?).

Opposites Attract

Part of a matchmaker or recruiter’s job is to shake things up and present you with options you hadn’t considered before. Human beings tend to naturally surround themselves with like minded people, so employers hire people that think the way they do, while jobseekers join companies where they’ll feel comfortable.

However in the fast moving digital world we live in companies must be able to change and adapt to survive. In order to not become institutionalised you need people who think differently, who question the norms and challenge you.

As matchmaking recruiters we can introduce you to someone who may not be your type, but may be just what you need.

*according to Time.

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