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Ecommerce Trends 2021

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We'll try to mention the 'B' word only once.  With the UK and EU now parting ways, Brexit is already having an effect on ecommerce (cue import taxes) and some banks have already said they'll increase exchange rates.  

Welcome to the new world!

Although "new" can strike fear into some, for many it's a beacon of hope and a light that will shine through the COVID-19 fog of the past year or more.

 2021 may be unpredictable, but one thing is certain - businesses will continue to trade online.

Ecommerce is here to stay!


1) The Shift to Clicks as Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Move Online

Global ecommerce has accelerated & the UK has been no exception. Businesses have moved online to ensure they keep their place in the market & remain profitable.  This shift from bricks & mortar stores to the online shopping looks set to stay as convenience (arguably out of necessity) has taken over.

For many of us, our lives are busier than ever & the ability to shop online for anything & everything doesn't look to be a trend that's going away.  There will, of course, always be room for bricks & mortar shops - many of us love the 'touchy feely', even social, aspect of it - & no online interaction can deliver a traditional shopping experience like this!  

Not yet at least.

2) Engaging With 'Locked Down' Ecommerce Customers

Lockdown restrictions have meant that more people are at home - working, shopping, exercising, schooling and generally surviving the monotony & boredom that is taking hold.  

Do your products or services enhance someones day to day lifestyle?  

If not, find a way to ensure they do. Life is complex enough right now!

Savvy brands which engage with their shoppers, will win the day so with that in mind, make sure you engage with your customers in a suitable way. 


3) Being Right First Time, Every Time for an Effective Ecommerce Service

Did you know that consumers are now rating your services against the likes of Amazon Prime? 

That means superfast, free deliery & returns.

Many businesses cannot possibly work at this scale but they can offer tip top customer service to ensure that when a purchase is made, the correct item/s are delivered every time in perfect condition.  In fact, if you can create a point of difference by making your customers love what you sell & how you deliver it to them, you'll build great customer loyalty.

4) Agility is Key in Ecommerce Businesses

Those who were able to shift their business practices during 2020 were the ones who weathered the storm and will continue to do so.  

Rapid technological change combined with every changing behaviours facilitated a huge digital push as well as a push to hire ecommerce and digital talent to ensure organisations could keep up with every moving goalpost.

Those businesses which adapt and move with the changing environment will take full advantage of the year to come. Ensure your people strategy is on point and that you have the required skills in place to make your business flourish.

5) Embrace Change to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Yes, there are challenges ahead but there are also huge opportunities for businesses who are seeking to grow their brands. Those that can take navigate & take full advantage of the changing environment will survive and thrive.  

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"Out of chaos comes opportunity"

Sun Tzu

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