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sharing good news from ecommerce and digital

We at Beringer Tame like to look on the bright side, even during hard times, and so we are sharing positive news from the world of ecommerce & digital marketing (and we promise, there is good news to be found).  

Whilst the Coronavirus seems to be turning our world upside down, let's not forget that the canals in Venice are clearing, air pollution around the globe is reducing, traffic has plummeted AND we have all re-engaged with family and friends in unprecedented ways.  Even industry has taken note and many businesses up and down the country are doing their bit to help communities.

There's nothing like a crisis to bring us together - we're here to help you focus on the good stuff and navigate the bad as best we can.  

E-commerce & Business News

Below are links to some of the biggest (& more positive) articles in the media in the past few weeks;

British retailers should prepare for growth in the Chinese e-commerce market post coronavirus:  British retailers should prepare to target the Chinese market, as China could enjoy strong economic growth following the end of lockdown and the peaking of the coronavirus epidemic. (Internet Retailing)

UK’s Next Hits eCommerce Order Limit Hours After Reopening:  With a surge of consumer demand amid the COVID-19 lockdown, Next reached its daily self-imposed limit for eCommerce activity soon after reopening its online business. (

Last Mile Service Providers Seeing Huge Coronavirus Demand Spikes:  Amidst the massive pivot to ecommerce during the coronavirus crisis, providers of last mile delivery services are seeing huge growth in demand from various kinds of merchants, as house-bound consumers are ordering away for both essential and nonessential items. (

COVID-19 stories: Marketers are using this time to build community: Here are some encouraging stories from marketers who are pivoting to help customers, and their staff, during the crisis. (

2020 Insights on the COVID-19 Impact on Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payments: As consumers are restricted in movement, they turn to online shopping for essential items to sustain their families. (

Ikea opens coronavirus test centre for NHS workers: Ikea has become the latest retailer to step up support for NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic by opening up a new test centre for medical staff on the frontline.  (Retail Gazette)

Coronavirus: Six things that are booming in sales: As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many retailers are seeing trade collapse, but others are overwhelmed by demand.  (BBC)

Morrisons gives food banks £10m during coronavirus outbreak: Supermarket chain Morrisons is to distribute £10m worth of food to the UK’s food banks during the coronavirus outbreak by producing more fresh items from its own manufacturing sites and bolstering deliveries from its stores.  (The Guardian)

How the North's largest digital companies have rapidly adapted to the coronavirus crisis: Agility is an overused word - but at a time like this, it’s vital. Businesses large and small are under threat during the coronavirus crisis, but to keep afloat, everyone needs to adapt.  How have some of the North’s largest digital companies managed?  (

UK FinTechs Team To Help Self-Employed Workers Amid COVID-19: U.K.-based FinTechs have banded together to help self-employed workers prove their income so they can be eligible for financial support.   (

US Ecommerce Sales Rise 25% since the beginning of March: The coronavirus spurs online grocery sales to increase since the start of March  (Digital Commerce 360)

How COVID-19 is impacting the ecommerce market: With a pandemic ongoing, it's interesting to look at how customer’s online shopping behaviour has been affected so far.  (The Drum)

What the food and beverage industry can do to future-proof their business for a post-coronavirus world: As stricter social distancing measures for public venues and social activities are introduced by governments around the world to reduce the risk of further local transmission of the coronavirus, restaurants are forced to reduce their in-dining areas or stop operations altogether.  (The Drum)

There are 382,000 job openings and counting as Amazon, Walmart, Domino’s and others hire to meet coronavirus demand: There's a wave of unprecedented demand in certain sectors is sending some employers on hiring sprees.  (

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