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Ecommerce & Digital News Weekly - 27th February 2023

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Predictions about Christmas spending were wrong according to the ONS.  Rail strikes, postal strikes and consumer's resolve to tighten their belts hardly affected sales (but read to the end of the article below to see if this is really believable data!)

Macro-economic good news
- Consumer confidence is rising
- Rishi's deal on Northern Ireland could pave the way for even better economic relations with the EU
- The government has a higher tax take than expected (ie the economy is doing better than predicted AND there may be the possibility for tax cuts ahead)

Jargon Buster
Zero party data = data from polls and questionnaires

Have a good week

James & Patrick

"The thing that doesn't fit is the thing that's the most interesting: the part that doesn't go according to what you expected."

(Richard Feynman)


UK ECOMMERCE NEWS -, Jojo Maman...

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ONS says that predictions about sales catastrophe at Christmas were wrong. Brits spent significantly more than they planned this Christmas, and that consumer spending has held up well this winter,
ParcelHero grows EBITDA and sees on-line penetration up 11% on pre-covid levels

JoJo Maman Bebe grows profits; ecomm at 55%



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Primark owner ABF reports 32% rise in retail sales

Etsy sees 12.6% growth in last quarter 22

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