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Ecommerce & Digital News Weekly - 21st November 2022

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Happy Black Friday fortnight!

Five global macro-economic factors that should make us feel better
1) China easing zero-covid policy
2) German hard data better than feared
3) Energy prices falling
4) Fed pivot?
5) Global shipping prices collapse (see International news below)

All predictions are fool-hardy but
..we don't think Twitter will close

Have a good week.

"Price is what you pay; Value is what you get."

(Warren Buffett)


UK ECOMMERCE NEWS - Burberry, VirginMedia, ...

UK Ecommerce Newsletter - Beringer Tame - Hannington Tame

Burberry sees online and loyalty as opportunities for growth

Online tax scrapped (but moved to warehousing)

More than 50% of Brits think ecommerce is the cheaper option

Virgin Money sees profits rise, gives staff a 10% pay rise and has yet to see any bad default levels


International ecommerce newsletter - Beringer Tame - Hannington Tame

Collapse in global shipping rates - one of our favourite metrics at the moment

Beauty sector remains robust as Bogart reports strong growth

Impressive growth figures in this report on ecommerce stocks

Gap sees 3rd quarter growth

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