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Last week we were in a recession, this week we are out of it... 

Not sure how helpful watching the latest short-term GDP figures is but it does seem like bad news is just telling us what happened last year and there is a genuine momentum to good news with all sectors 'going in the right direction'. Fascinating piece in the link below on the current state of the 'Design' function - how it failed to migrate from agencies into in-house positions in parallel with its failure to connect strategy to operational change and of course the effects of AI... Interesting because this is an important subset of customer and marketing roles and an example of a function's struggle to adapt to a fast paced environment. FastCompany.

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James & Patrick

"In the bygone days of ecommerce, customers would patiently wait weeks for a delivery. Now, if a package is ten minutes late, they send a passive-aggressive email with a frowny face emoji. Progress, they call it." - Shippy McShipface (Retail Visionary) 



Ecommerce and digital news roundup
  • ASOS brings back its Inside Influencers ASOS
  • Footasylum - engaging its younger audiences and with a digital first in-store experience surges ahead RetailGazette
  • TikTok Shop integrates with Shopify in UK TikTok
International news roundup - digital and online updates from around the world
  • US on-line sales lead the rising tide in retail sales (6% compared to 2%) 360Digital
  • Urban Outfitters sees growth across retail and digital channels FashionNetwork
  • Influencers look to shift to paid subscription models to create an income stream but also to swap quantity for quality...BoF
  • TikTok Shop in link up with Shopify RetailWeek
  • KLARNA's AI handling >70% of CS traffic KLARNA
  • HT client Puig storms ahead BoF
  • Zara owner Inditex invests further in logistics and digital platforms following impressive growth BoF
  • Prada bucks weakening luxury market trend with strong growth - in part down to 'strong digital footprint' FashionUnited



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