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Ecommerce & Digital News Weekly - 14 Nov 2023

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After a summer (and early Autumn!) break we're back with more good news from the front-line of ecommerce.  It's the high point of activity for the retail year and as Patrick says in our fun and possibly self-indulgent podcast - the next couple of months will be an interesting litmus test of whether we are through the worst of the surge and counter-surge of covid and post-covid economics.

On the macro-economic front, US inflation is dropping faster than expected, UK mortgage rates are coming down and wages are growing at 7%. Good luck to you all through the Black Friday period!

Best wishes,

James & Patrick


"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations - for Nature cannot be fooled."

(Richard Feynman)


UK ECOMMERCE NEWS - Crew Clothing, Primark, White Stuff, Revolution Beauty,...

UK Ecommerce Newsletter

Crew Clothing grows on marketplaces and Paid Social. Working to boost its online performance, Crew partnered with full-funnel performance firm Nest and Wunderkind, the performance marketing solution (a bit of a sales pitch but still an interesting read)

Revolution Beauty seems to be bouncing back. The company’s recent past has been turbulent (- join the ecom club!) ...But the six months to 31 August saw group revenue up by a fifth.

White Stuff going strong across all channels with digital up >7%. According to CEO Jo Jenkins, ongoing business transformation continues to deliver strong growth...and trading has been “good” so far in the current financial year, including on its new web platform.

Primark's late adoption of digital channels fuels growth.The Ireland-based fashion retailer attributes investment in its digital offering for better-than-expected performance in the face of high street challenges.

It was only a matter of time...the rise of the CAIO. Already in post, Ozzie Coto points out "it’s becoming clear that rising interest in AI is translating into a greater desire for leadership around the complexities of AI in the enterprise"


INTERNATIONAL ECOMMERCE NEWS - Nike, Ralph Lauren, Nintendo,...

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Nike focuses on selling more D2C with a key CTO hire from Amazon.

Ralph Lauren - interesting graph on ecomm sales 2017-2023

24% growth in Walmart's ecommerce sales for Q2, continuing with big event contributions to increase overall US nonstore sales in October.

More on TikTok's drive to be a full service ecommerce platform. Warehouse and fulfillment network (tick), consumer trust and US approval (work in progress).

Nintendo powers ahead on best figures since launch of Switch. More than 130 million pairs of hands are holding onto a Switch across the globe

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