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Could this be the best CV ever?

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Best CV ever

As a thriving ecommerce recruitment agency, we don’t need to tell you how important your CV is in landing that 1st interview. Many job seekers will know the stats – how many CVs a hiring manager will see, how quickly impressions are made that make the difference between you getting a call or your CV landing in the bin – harsh but also an incentive to get it right!

Best CV ever

In our time in the ecommerce recruitment industry, it’s fair to say we’ve seen every type of CV imaginable, but we’ve never seen one like this. It’s been a real hit in the office and and you can’t question the incredible amount of work that’s been put in, which is both impressive but also importantly, demonstrates the ability of the candidate.

We’re not saying your CV has to be as gimmicky as this – in fact, an overly creative CV can actually be a distraction from its real purpose, which is to communicate your experience, however, it does demonstrate how a slightly more creative approach to profiling yourself for a very niche sector, can make an impact. 

So how could you make your CV more unique? How could you inject some of your personality into it?  Before racing off to produce your own mini-game, think about your audience.  Some companies and recruiters remain quite conservative but the recruitment industry is more open minded than ever before and even dull suit wearing briefcase carrying corporate journeyman can be positively influenced with a bit of creative flair.  A creative approach to how you profile yourself to an employer doesn’t just have to be for creative or junior job hunters either - we have placed a CEO into his role who first contacted us with a video CV, read the case study here.

The very least you can do to improve your CV is tailor it to the jobs you’re applying for. See our previous ecommerce recruitment advice on that here. But going beyond this, try to be hyper critical of presentation, layout, the overall impression your CV creates as a document. Take some ideas from this extreme example, and get creative!

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