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Attracting ecommerce talent beringer tame

We all know that you need to give customers what they want. You need to know who your target is, how they shop and what they buy in order to attract and retain them.

As ecommerce recruiters, we essentially do the same thing in attracting the very best ecommerce talent. In this quick guide, we share our expert ecommerce hiring advice...  

An ecommerce recruiter should fully understand their client's needs

  • What is the role
  • What does the role entail
  • Where does it fit within the wider digital team and business as a whole
  • What are the key responsibilities, objectives & desired results
  • Who is it working for
  • What characters are already on the team
  • What is the company culture like
  • What is the remuneration package on offer  

Only then can a successful talent search be made which will uncover the person they're after.  

Similarly, when a candidate is looking for a job, we need to match their expectations, skills and desires with the right opportunity in order to have a positive outcome.

Without understanding their clients and candidates needs fully, a recruiter would not be successful.  

This means listening... really listening... to every individual we work with.

Prodding around in the dark with a lot of guesswork might get you a lot of CVs, but it won't get you the right CVs!

Our specialism in ecommerce recruitment over the past 16 years has allowed us to develop expertise in digital team structure, ecommerce & digital role types alongside the sort of personalities that work well in different cultures.  It has also given us insight into when what a client wants, isn't actually what they need.

To us, recruiting is a partnership - a bit like match-making - and we love it.

If we could offer you just three pieces of advice on attracting the very best ecommerce talent...

1) Don't overlook passive candidates

Sometimes the perfect candidate for a job isn't even looking and it is very unlikely that you'll ever reach these people if they're not looking...

BUT remember that most of them would be open to a new opportunity if they were headhunted.

This means there is a huge pool of talent available when you widen your search.

A great recruiter will have a strong network they can tap into to find passive talent.  They will also utilise their resources who are like ninjas in spotting people who could be perfect for a role.

And don't forget that a recruiter will also create a compelling job ad to attract the ecommerce superstars you're looking for, whilst keeping them engaged. 

2) Keep your current employees happy

If passive talent can be attracted to a new role when they're not looking and generally content, make sure you hold onto them by investing in L&D, paying them competitively and looking after their career.

Employees who feel undervalued or do not feel empowered by a company's culture are very likely to be looking for a new job.  Hiring is an expensive process, don't hire people and then lose them by underinvesting in their future.

Read more about investing in retention strategies.

3) If you're hiring, make sure what you're offering is attractive to the passive talent pool

If you want a happy & contented employee who is not looking for a job to sit up and take notice of you, be attractive.  Offer a great package and career growth to make it a lead worth exploring.

Need help finding and hiring ecommerce talent? Visit our ecommerce recruitment hub or speak to one of the team to find out how we can help.

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