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10 Ecommerce Marketing Trend Predictions for 2022

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Reporting on ecommerce news, trends and industry predictions is really interesting for us at Beringertame because we are one of the leading recruiter's in digital marketing and ecommerce. Keeping up with the future of ecommerce is incredibly important to us, so we are sharing this information with you.  

Here are the ecommerce marketing trend predictions for 2022.

Top 10 Ecommerce Trend Predictions for 2022

  1. An omnichannel approach for retailers and brands
  2. Brands will have to go the extra mile to retain customers
  3. Email automation will become the primary revenue driver for retail marketers
  4. People will look for more alternatives to the standard A/B test
  5. The year of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and push notifications
  6. Creating meaningful experiences for customers is key for 2022
  7. The power of loyalty in the opt-out age
  8. Hyper- personalization: a vital practice to stay ahead
  9. Third-party cookies will crumble
  10. The rise of SMS marketing

The UK Ecommerce Association also discusses the topic of ecommerce trends on broader level, the key aspects that will change the shape of 2022, focusing in on social commerce and social channels and the marketing capabilities, looking at platforms such as Tik Tok and Facebook, along with the Instgram shopping tab, leveraging a buying platform for customers even more in 2022. 

Read full article from Fresh Relevance

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