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What roles exist within ecommerce? (draft)

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Right now, ecommerce is on fire. In fact there's probably never been a better time to get immersed in all ecommerce has to offer and the jobs within it.

If you're interested in ecommerce, you're probably wondering what types of roles fit into the field.  We've pulled together this guide to help you with just that so that you can understand the skills and experience needed to be successful.

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Ecommerce Marketplace Manager

The Ecommerce Marketplace Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of a website and its operations.

  • Strategy, management, objectives (short & long-term), customer metrics and overall performance. 
  • Customer service, online merchandising, performance and maintenance.
  • Ensure all product descriptions & placements are correct & manage out of stocks.
  • Reconciliation of Makertplace listings
  • Manage third party marketplace relationships

Ecommerce SEO Specialist

To be successful as an SEO specialist you have to have expertise in the intricacies of organic search in order to get your website/pages to rank well on Google.  It's not just about adding a few keywords to a page!

There is high demand for SEO expertise right now.  According to Smart Insights, it's 'the most in-demand digital marketing skill' with over 10,000 SEO related jobs in the UK (according to

  • Keyword Research - determine popularity, competitiveness, and relevance in order to create the best possible list of keywords to focus on in your website (whilst keeping up with Google's ever changing algorithms).
  • On Page Optimisation - ensure good quality content, tip top metadata, clean HTML structure, quality internal links, fast loading speeds alongside testing to improve conversion.
  • Link Building Opportunities - Google looks at your content, but about what others say (or link to) about you aswell. If another site links to you, it gives kudos to your content and improves your ranking.
  • URL Building - building unique URLs in order to pinpoint exactly where campaign traffic is coming from.
  • Performance Analytics - how are keywords and landing pages performing and where is traffic coming from?
  • Mobile Optimization - mobile matters more than ever - your site must work as well as (if not better) than your desktop version.
  • Staying up to date with SEO developments - SEO constantly changes so a specialist must stay ahead of the curve, know exactly what is working (or not) and tweak the site constantly.

SEO Content Writer

SEO content writing and both have their own unique goal. This may be part of an SEO Specialist's role, but is more likely to be someone creative who works alongside a specialist. 

  • SEO content writing - generate organic traffic via search engines (increase keyword rankings, clicks from SERPS, backlinks, conversion into buyers).
  • SEO copywriting - convert traffic into leads and sales.

PPC Expert/ PPC Manager / Paid Search Manager

The PPC Manager (pay-per-click) is crucial if you want to make the most of your ecommerce business marketing strategy. 

  • Manage, review, and perform daily account responsibilities associated with Google AdWords, and search platforms such as Yahoo.
  • Monitor keyword bids relating to key metrics such as impression share and quality score 
  • Create and maintain keyword lists and own keyword strategy and targeting.
  • Provide creative copy suggestions and graphical ad templates.
  • Manage AdWords
  • Suggest and manage new paid search campaigns and ad groups.
  • Track, monitor and report on major metrics.
  • Keep pace with search engine and PPC industry trends and developments.

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Ecommerce Business Analysts


Ecommerce Project Manager


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